Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The news :

selina 的脸没事吗?那么那一块红一块黄,还有一些好像从焦黑退下的棕色,是怎么回事?她不能再像以前那样白晢均匀,好了也一定会留疤痕,再也回不去了。

SHINee’s Taemin (17), a high school student, recorded program ‘A’ from 8 PM to 11 PM. Wonder GirlsSohee (18) and Lim (18) also were present at a recording for program ‘B’ until 3 AM.IU (17) and T-aras Jiyeon (17) both worked past midnight in programs ‘C’ and ‘D’ despite being high school students.“I’ve been running while looking forward for too long. I need to stop now.” It seems like this is jiyeon's way of speaking up about her crazy schedule.T-ara’s Eunjung injured her knee on December 25th while moving to her next schedule after a music show appearance. Eunjung had unfortunately slipped on ice, and was rushed to a hospital nearby.

KARA’s Seungyeon has been hospitalized after damaging her lumbar (lower spine).Currently, she is hospitalized in a Seoul Kangnam hospital for treatment. She had felt pain in her lumbar region, and the doctors told her she had to be treated for it

It was revealed today that two of SHINee’s members were injured after a performance in Indonesia." There were a lot of people that were waiting to see the group after the performance. Jonghyun was getting off-stage, he was being pushed around, causing him to twist his ankle and injure his ligaments. Key also got hurt at this time."

2PM just recently started promoting their new mini album with Without You.it seems that Junsu will in face continue to perform despite the injury.

Having been hospitalized yesterday for his vocal corp polyps and fatigue, it was revealed that CNBlue’s jung yong hwa might require surgery to resolve his condition.

SNSD’s Tiffany will be taking some time out from ‘Hoot‘ promotions due to a recent knee injury.Yuri slipped and fell during a kite flying activity on the set of “Invincible Youth”, injuring her knee. Tae Yeon was hospitalized and she went to the emergency room in a stable condition, albeit with a high fever and a swollen tonsil. Tae Yeon asked to go to the emergency room because of her discomfort and was quickly taken to one.


Seriously, they need a big REST indeed.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


owwwwh~~this is the day i had missed last year =[
i waited and waited....
finally it comes!!!!!

my hard work after an hour =D
Happie Dong Zhi Day!!!!

how sad! my days without mamak gang..
only oreo and dadi so-called LaiBeNah to fulfill my midnight-hunger T.T

i'm not used to have my lunch at 5.30pm and
it needs THREE months time to recover my kampar life



Clock strikes 4 in the morning. Again i'm still sitting in front of the lappie and start blogging. It's an annoying morning. As usual the scene replay. U didn't ask for any reasons about my situation. M.A.D is the best word to describe u. Btw i will keep my silence too.

Well, since u already have your own decision NEVER ask for my suggestion. Ask only if u're ready to change. Don't let me pissed u off when i can't stand with it anymore. I will try not to be.(i will try...) Will have a nice try on cheap cheap Mcd breakfast at least ONCE in 4am. Nitez!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Help !

ARRGGHH beh tahan! u're too yong sui to handle. i hope i can cope with it..pleaaase...!


For You.

It's your big day!

H.A.P.P.Y. B.U.R.F.D.A.Y.

lil monkiee sai lou =D

sis : sang yat fai lok sai lou..mau makan cake mo? i buy for u..
bro : y 2day buy cake geh?
sis : ooh..cos ada discount ma..
bro : so early ada discount meh?
sis : oooi ya ho..2molo oni burfday XD
bro : =.=!!!
(sorrrie for the small small mistakes yea =p)



Once again i turned my life up-side-down! watahec i cnt sleep well every night bt i'm reali reali extra-tired for days T.T
insomnia VS sleepy exactly non-sense! or 5am is suitable for my sleeping time???
Sometimes i realize that adults are even more childish than 3-year-old babe children. OMG i don't understand why should make things more complicated rather than solves it asap. I better stay at kampar and please don't involved me in it! (if allow me to do so)
Nice bbq+steamboat partaaaei was over. Everything was smoothly planned bt only the hours-performance. It makes me crazy in front of audiencesss! GOSH i can't imagine if u call me do that on the stage & i will die for you. Very lil chance we can gather the whole group for the event but we had missed out one thing.*crying for the photos...


Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's over.whoaaah! the most disgusting period is g.o.n.e. (not even hope for another one) My days begin...this time i'm not going to plan anything since there are toooo many things are flowing towards me now.hmmm...but i'm sure gonna have my crazy partaaaei wherever & whenever~
During my study period i thought about my passed, the time when i'm childish enough. I started to act like soft-hearten lil girl is just because i dun wanna replay the hurt scene in my life. I had done something silly to my friend indeed of good friend to avoid the jealousy from others. For sure i'm not going to story out the beginning and the ending or any climax of it. dun worry it's a she :) phew~it was a past! (i'm really sorry for the tears-drop although you dun have the chance to read this...)
Again tenQ for the POOH's collections. I love it theeeeeese much =D seems like i need to shop for a nice box to store them..buahaha!
And you the mysterious guy! pleassse be informed where you are or else i will call the police
* this is the only day i fully concentrate on the paper because its JAPANESE! i was like... "ape dia cakap?" =.=

last but not least, congratulations to those spm-er..ur nightmare telah dibubarkan! *wink*


Saturday, December 11, 2010


Pain..............PISSED UR AXX OFF!!!!!!

I can't tahan already...sobzz!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


隔壁家不知从哪位远方亲戚拿来的两只小狗 :

1) 刚来的第一只样子还不错
被 baba 称为难兄难弟的两只不知道什么东西
身上铺满 watat 的 kutu 还要跳到我家的客厅散步 =.=
让我 emo 3分钟的时间都没有!

2) 样衰衰的大中小猫
而且还把垃圾拖到马路约 1km 的距离
还趁 mama 洗车打开车门的时候
lek lek jiang 跑进车睡觉

现在又要 sei ha sei ha 的去发奋


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yoma Lova

Lee Gi Kwang, Beast GIF Pictures, Images and Photos

Accidentally spotted another yeng+cute guy when I watched music bank performance.
( dun starred at his wink as i do XD )

Profile research :

~Lee Gi Kwang (AJ)
~BEAST Group
~JYP trainee
~30 March 1990
~main dancer

check it out here:
OMG his ginyau dance!!!
And his Q emotions!!!

Buaaaa!!! The nice body......

A spam again just to show off my ideal man =P

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall in Love This Christmas =)

WOW~~finally JYP nation unveils The Christmas MV!

catch the main point now :

0.26 - my leng leng FEI..so leng here =)

0.27 - stil the cute Seulong...

0.39 - oh my lovely kwon...

1.31 - the cute suzy...my fren's diva...
1.34 - the white bobo is touching chansung's mouth XD

1.45 - changmin's head is hanging two lil santa...nt reali suit him..teeees~

2.15 - stil the yeng rapper yoobin...
2.23 - buaaa! hak sei me duno siape ni wiv messy hair...

3.08 - wow cutie kwon wiv cute pyjamas n the ngong dance...
3.30 - WHOOH wooyoung..hahaha
Lastly..V omma's prince...the penguin-head-khun...wakaka..

Again, i miss out the chance meeting with hebe during this Christmas..sobz T.T
Btw, i hope this will be my another great memory celebrating Christmas with u all like the passed.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm silent but i mind.