Thursday, July 28, 2011


跌跌撞撞 这一条爱情路


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Peeling off little by little
your super poker face
uncovering the truth
it's almost like treasure hunting.

Are you a good one?
are you a bad one?
it's clearly a risky business
I want to know more
take my chance on you.

I don't care about gossip
no no no I don't care
it's stir up my imagination
spinning around
provoking my senses
no doubt you are a Beautiful Stranger

Show only to me



Friday, July 22, 2011

I'll try

If I walk would you run?
If I stop would you come?
If I say you’re the one would you believe me?

If I ask you to stay would you show me the way
Tell me what to say so you don’t leave me.

The world is catching up to you
while you're running away to chase your dream.

Its time for us to make a move,
cause we are asking one another to change,

and maybe i'm not ready.

But I'll try for your love,
I can hide up above.
I will try for your love,
we’ve been hiding enough.

If I sing you a song would you sing along?
or wait till i'm gone, oh how we push and pull.

If I give you my heart,
would you just play the part?

or tell me it’s the start of something beautiful.

Am I catching up to you,

while you're running away to chase your dreams?

Its time for us to face the truth,
cause we are coming to each other to change,

and maybe i'm not ready.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Waltz, With Love...

What's the event for?
Hundred++ pairs dancers for waltz to break the Malaysia Record.
The second event I participated.

First of all, I'm just a flower girl.

Secondly, I'm the performer.


Lastly, I'm the instructor for the waltz.

Sound crazy...

At least I gain more :)
The Rose Family.
We are the one who born numbers of couples for the night.

The Rose Insane Tauke.

Lenglui Helpers XD

Some hard works before the show.
We worth it :)

The only one decoration.

The performance.
Wedding Dress.

The pose we had practice for centuries.

The bride is on the stage.

Result after two-days-practice.

Last minute waltz.

Cacat me after 2 hours practice.

My pro-partner. Thanx for the guide.

Nice shot from anonymous.

Again, I met him.

From the talented sand art-maker.

Upcoming event: Dance Fiesta 2!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Just one step.
The step I achieve my dream & success...
There are chances waiting,
I had failed myself.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

to be continue...

我还是无法说bai bai