Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OCT Annyeong !

Finally here's the beginning of new month yoo hoo~
Just a little being too excited wish to start on a new interesting journey for myself.
Yes its interesting, I wish to.
No breaking news about myself my friends my family & my love.
They are all adorable lovable charms in part of my life :)
We are fine indeed. 
Recently addicted in dramas and WGM which makes my heart tempting all days.
I know I'm hoping for my personal WGM long long ago but nobody hold it for me, hmmm.
Well seems dramatic plot doesn't really work for real life, may be.
We accept the truth...
Recently waiting for my result gosh chaebal faster you're wasting my months and years.
I'm planning to leave.
Far far away~~ Aww just kidding.
Bless for everything please thank you.
Living life in the veil beyond matter which is untrustable.
A reminder set for myself.
By the way here's my new love Andrew Simon Joon Mercutio Chang!
I love joon.