Thursday, January 27, 2011

All I gave you was goodbye.

I'm so glad you made time to see me
How's life, tell me how's your family
I haven't seen them in a while
You've been good, busier than ever
We small talk, work in the weather
Your guard is up and I know why

Cause the last time you saw me

Still burned in the back of your mind
You gave me roses and I left them there to die

So this is me swallowing my pride,

Standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night
And I'd go back to December all the time
It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you
Wishing that I'd realized what I had when you were mine
I'd go back to December, turn around and make it alright
I go back to December all the time

These days I haven't been sleeping

Staying up playing back myself leaving
When your birthday passed and I didn't call
And I think about summer, all the beautiful times
I watched you laughing from the passenger side and
Realized I loved you in the fall
And then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind
You gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye

I'd go back in time and change it but I can't
So if the chain is on your door, I understand

Now i know you're the one who say i'm the most cheerful person in the world.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ta DAA......!
i had spent quite lots on this
the 1st manicure in my life.
How crazy i am.
It shud'nt be like this but... it's the CNY + PTPTN "awards" T.T

thanx to the MENG photographer yea! C:

hmmm still on the way planning the burfday celebrations.
is DEFINITELY hard for me to plan on my own. DUH~~
i wish everything is going smoothly.

already joined the uni's dance club.
for girls it is hard to learn popping bukan??
well, this is what i hope to learn but not as gin yau as her XD wave!

LOL ! yeaa addicted to all this =.=


Sunday, January 23, 2011


first breakfast with the sick baba.
it suppose to be a relaxing breakfast but,
due to the crowded weekend,
we have to share tables with an old old couple.

the gong gong and the popo.
popo park the car in non-parking places makes gong gong very worry about it.
popo say : 没关系,放心去吃

popo bought diff types of food. wan tan mee and fried mee.
seems like gong gong is x-treme hungry so he makan fried mee with "high speed"
popo say : 慢慢吃,等下哽到

the wan tan mee arrived.
popo makan the 1st spoon and past it to gong gong.
popo say : 试试看哪一个比较好吃再吃你喜欢的

gong gong tried wan tan mee.
he say he love this.
popo quickly exchange the mee-sss.
popo say : 炒粉的猪肉软一点,容易吃点
gong gong say don't want cause he like the meat of wan tan mee.
then popo continue,
end :)

high high with bb gang in the flight.
and this, the lovely superb expensive Hoegaarden

thanks for giving me a nice try, uncle =)
last but not least,
Haaappiee to meet u there SUI POR!
promise for outing when i'm back again *cross finger zai
MISS YOU~~~~ bear + duk gu ++++++


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Is time to need some
VES...Can i share yours, pleaseeeeee? :)

but didn't means that i'm sick of being alone, it's just some influences.

Will try to stop myself from letting the spirit drop into the fake world. tsk tsk. Wake up!

Your everything make me curse you to be mine! *grinned


Saturday, January 15, 2011

what a day!

Went to the shopping center i hate the most. The place where zhu na yansss love to hang around. If don't have any special purposes i won't force myself to. Hmm...besides those
impolite zhu na yan i met many "friends" included the him. I wonder why i can smile at him AUTOMATICALLY =.= everything is over no point to rewind my memories. Realize what we called as "friend" is just an invisible object. Obviously found each other but it just ends with a simply pass-by. LOL! Anywhere, 朋友不需要多,只需要真心。It is true enough :)

The Satisfaction!
jusco yesterday! OMG padini concept still the best! XDD
soooooo happy~ finally bought my lovely mini-skirt at p&co

and another ideal red shorts i had spotted last year end XD

BUT i realized already have two for the same type.doink! the pink one....

the grey one.....

ps: big rain now.hate it! =(


Monday, January 10, 2011 sad !!!!!! =(

If you ever love somebody put your hands up!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

yeaa im busy!

the most busy moment during the "xtreme-long" holidays............

♥~ My Princess
(the pretty & the muscular handsome XD)

♥~ Invincible Youth
(I can't rush to the end in short time la oldberrie!)

♥~ Dream High
(wondering how nervous i am when facing the audition...)

♥~ Athena
(mesmerized by the ladies who are holdling the guns...WOW~)

♥~ We Got Married
(SAD! waiting for the last epi T.T)

♥~ T-ara Hello Baby
(love the cute babiessss =D)

♥~ All My Love
( the funny and LOL drama =.=)

♥~ Narnia-The voyage of the dawn treader

♥~ 女王不下班
(traaaaai to watch it...)

++R.I.P the gong gong and hoping for a yum cha session!!!!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 vs 2011

The year-end &-start celebrationssS...........

Firstly..Merrrie Merrrie Christmas!!!!
Venue : Genting Highland
(so-called second hometown =.=)

x20++family members trapped in the first world "toilet suit" to exchange the presents.
And these are the presents i get from them =)

The lovely uncle pat gimme this reddie-teddy.
Although it's the gift from 1-utama but i treat this as my Christmas present.

The New Rabbit Year.....
Venue : Pangkor Teluk Dalam

Again I back to this island.
I miss the moment when we are together T.T
Cutie chef treat me damn good and still made nice food for us :)
The celebration ends with countdown buffet and amazing fireworks.
(not to upload those videos since it's a big file)

The traditional wu li ma cha "lou sang".
I had eaten twice at the same place before the month of Chinese New Year.
OMG =.=!!!

Hmmm accidentally saw this when pass-by a fan's blog.
It's really nice compared to cong punya XD (or it's actually the same?)

Ta Da~~After S reddie, I owned another SE bluey.
Main point : finally I found it! the Rilakkuma. weeee~~ ^^
(ada lil lady bird di sifat zai XD)

one of the new year hopes : continue diLove by everyone..buahahahaha! siong sei =.=


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the Nappuen me.

Today is my painting day. Due to the dirty-smelly-doggy, I can't concentrate on my painting skill for the nicey wall. Guess what? I'm so kind that I helped my dear neighbour aunt to paint her
GREEN chilies lil tree and GREEN ambra lil tree with my PEACH-colour-paint :) the new born of peachy lil tree brothers.
Welcumsahamida un-Tieeee~
*wink wink

( phobia to the days around CNY, I will receive lots of orderssS from the queen T__T )

Will update my 2011 life soon.


Monday, January 3, 2011


Sunny early morning.

Stunned ! once i received your message.

Somehow we can't solve any of our problems starting from N years.

So is that fair if both of us choose to ignore it?

Should i have a good reply on it?

Since you are the first person who started and ended the topic,

Seems like i just have to follow your foot steps then.

No matter how i will still remember. We are not even a friend!



do u ever know there is always a "ga ga yi" sign in human life?

ga ga yi praise you that you are pretty enough but actually u're not.
ga ga yi told u that you are nice indeed but u seems like a ton of shit.
ga ga yi follow the things you commanded but that is pointless.
ga ga yi show up an excited face but the heart is broken.
ga ga yi makes you feel better but own scars are open.
ga ga yi help you up to make it easier for dropping you down.

W.A.R.N.I.N.G : Emotionless is dangerous! *grinned*

please free me.........hopeless~